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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Gettin' Horizontal......with Mirrors

Ohhh my......

This is not that kind of post.

It's this kind of post:



Mirrors. Hung horizontally. Yeah?
Ohhh yeeeeeaaah.

I'd seen those pins a while ago, and had squirreled them away to a board of 'nice to have' things, but didn't think I'd get around to it anytime soon.
I thought that the nook on my porch which houses the porch couch would do very well with horizontal mirrors to open up the recessed-ness of that corner.

Enter Public Surplus with 4 hot pink long mirrors.

$1 and they were mine! Oh Public Surplus, how I love you; let me count the ways.....

They had no hanging hardware so I added a sawtooth hanger to each. I drilled itty bitty holes in preparation for the itty bitty nails.

The nails were so itty bitty I could not hammer them in without hitting and smooshing the sawtooth bracket. A spare flathead bit helped me isolate the force of each hit to the just nail head.

perma-schmutz'd hands

On the back of one of the mirrors, I worked out the measurements for where to put screws into the wall.

Anything worth doing is worth over-engineering

It took a bit of muscle and a few choice words to accomplish the drilling and screw sinking in my concrete block walls. But insta-reward when the mirrors went up:

spot the creepy item


Goes well with the new art piece on the wall. As a girlfriend said recently when she walked onto the porch 'this is what Anthro is trying to do'. Bestill my beating heart......she sure knows how to flatter a girl.


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  1. Awesome! What a great idea for making your space look bigger. And what a deal!