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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Rehabilitating a Criminally Bad Bathroom

The master bathroom has been the most extensive, time consuming, costly (though still on the cheap), and dramatic transformation of any room in my place. This is because it was clearly the only room in which there had been NO updates for many, many years. I did it all myself, with guidance and help from Handy Dad. In the process, traffic laws were broken and there may be a slightly bigger hole in the ozone, but none's perfect, and now the room's days of criminal ugliness are over.

I'll go into details in several future posts, but here's a quick before and after.

this photo does it too much justice

List of offenses:
Crusty old shower head.
Splotchy black painted builder grade vanity. 
Both gold, silver, and paint splattered hardware. 
Rusted fan cover. 
Outdated tiny mirror that angled at your waist.
No personality.

favorite room in the place

Herringbone pattern large slate tile floorsPink and white heart tile with brown grout. 
Subtly textured creamy white tile surround. Avocado green tile tub surround. 
Glass surround gone n holes repairedHidden nasty glass sliding doors. 
Big modern shower head and hand held sprayer. Crusty old shower head. 
Painted properly vanity in semi-gloss black. Splotchy black painted builder grade vanity. 
Painted hardware silver throughout. Both gold, silver, and paint splattered hardware. 
Painted cover n bolts silver. Rusted fan cover. 
Added stainless steel hooks on walls and bar on vanity. No towel bars. 
Over sized modern silver framed mirror. Outdated tiny mirror that angled at your waist. 
Installed wainscoting and trim throughoutBroken and skanky base trim tile. 
Hello gorgeous room! No personality. 

side by side

I look at the 'before' picture and it feels like a room in someone else's home. I look at the 'after' and I feel thankful for neighbors patient enough to live through all the banging and power tools it took to get there.

There's more work to be done here, but I can live with probation for now.


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