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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Articipation. Articipaaa-aaation.....

I make up words.

Articipation [ar-tis-uh-pey-shuhn]
1.   the act of articipating.
2.   realization in advance of the awesomeness of art that is in transit.
3.   expectation or hope of beautiful walls.

My master bathroom has a lot going on: wainscotting with a shelf on top, bold flooring, bright colors, shelving, a huge mirror, yadda yadda yadda.

I've needed some art on the walls to compliment and calm the visual attractions going on elsewhere in the room. Because the wainscotting is up the traditional alley, I wanted something fun and modern to work with the colors of the room (teal, white, grey, black, silver), and balance everything out. The wall on which art should go is about 6 feet long and on your left when you walk into the room.

So I played with existing pieces I had, and nothing worked quite right. I sat and waited for the right thing to come into my life and get me excited.
Enter HouseTweaking, a blog that I follow. Dana has a fantastic sense of style and utility as she manages three young kids and a total house renovation. She has been recently styling her nightstands and posted about some beautiful handmade block prints, which happened to be on a 50% off sale.

reminds me of indecipherable street signs in europe you look at and go:
'huh? balls bouncing down a hill next to a railroad crossing? TIMES THREE?!? oh dear....'

I'm not a huge abstract geometric fan, but I liked the impact they had in her space enough to go click through the etsy page. Therein I continued to not like them: I loved them. Many had blue/silver undertones that would both work well among several pieces, and compliment the color of the wall. Due to my art school days, I'm admittedly a bit of a snob: I don't buy reprints, only original medium work; so I cooed at the wood print-tastic depth of surface texture and dynamic sheen. There were lots of different patterns that suited my sensibilities and I could truly enjoy looking at every day, not just fake enjoy because they are hopelessly chic and I feel that I should. I struck while the 50% was hot and ordered the following prints:

I thought they were a good combination of repetitive shapes, curves, lines, and colors; all in a semi-organic theme. Then I realised all but one was a 4x6, and that the single 5x7 would look out of place. I also thought some more neutral dark tones were needed, and quickly (truly, it was about 30 mins later) placed another order for some square black/grey prints:

That last one is more geometric that I thought I would go, but I like how art deco it looks.

I will be grabbing some Ribba frames in 4x6 and 5x7 sizes for $2 each.

I'm thinking high gloss grey as shown above would look fantastic, but I wont know for sure until I have those prints in hand.
This leads me back to the word of the day: articipation. I've been unreasonably excited for those prints to arrive. UPS tracking number stalking indicated this morning that they were out for delivery. Whoohoo!
Instead I went home to a notice that the prints are sitting and waiting at the post office. SO CLOSE.... yet so far. Protecting the contents, yeah yeah yeah, I get it. pffft.
In the meantime, I will just think about what a pretty wall it will be:

pinterest, of course.

and sing that dang song, substituting 'anticipation' with 'articipation'. #nerdalert.


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