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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Kitty Loo

I'd posted before about my grand plans for getting the litter box out of the house. Turned out, the execution of these plans was much simpler than I'd anticipated. Score!

I started by priming and painting the toy chest with some leftover paint.

Action shot! First one I think. 

I then read the directions for the cat door at least three times. They didn't make much sense to me, but I decided to jump in and blindly follow along. First up drilling some holes:

Measure, mark, drill, take picture.

Then, using a jig saw to cut from hole to hole.

I love me a jig. Dance or power tool.

Attached the door, plopped down a plastic container that fit (I stole it from the pantry and now have one shelf in UTTER DISARRAY. Or not.), and put in a mat to catch errant litter.

Directions worked! Behold the Kitty Loo

I ordered a patio pet door, which took two weeks to arrive and came broken in a million pieces, thanks to the huge footprint on the box about 2 inches under the 'Fragile' warning.....smooth move UPS.
Luckily I had enough random stuff on hand to macgyver a pass through for the cats which doesn't let too much air in or out. I am SUPER glad that it's held up for a couple weeks, as the temps have been hovering around 100, and the second door doesn't get here for a few more days. If it arrives broken again, the macgyver door will have to last even longer. And UPS will be getting a good amount of in-person flack. I aint afraid of no ghost brown shorts.

Packing blocks + Gorilla tape + plastic bag = cat door play toy

"Imma stick my paw through here and see what happens...
Attack!! Ah! I did NOT see that coming!
Oh wait. Yes I did....
let's do it agaaaain"

In the winter, I will make some sort of a connecting tunnel between the box and the door opening. To ensure there's no smell or errant litter in the house, I'd really like to avoid putting the box right up against the door opening. We shall see.
I thought I'd have to do a similar tunnel year round because of one cat's allergies, but he seems totally fine with the setup thus far, and probably just didn't do well to whatever pollin was floating around before.

Moral of the story: you cannot smell the litter box inside at all anymore, whether it be a new 'present' or the scent of the litter. Praise the Flying Spaghetti Monster


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