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Monday, July 22, 2013

It's My Cat in a Box

Mr.Beans loves him a good cardboard box. He's a cat. That's what they do.


His favorite spot to sit is at the junction of the entryway, kitchen, living room, and dining room. From that vantage he can see everyone and everything going on. When I put a cardboard box there, he's in heaven.


Because of the location's high visibility, leaving an old shoebox there is unattractive from every room in the living space. I had thought of building him something, but Public Surplus did me one better and presented a hilarious alternative. He jumped in that thing no more than 3 seconds after I put it on the floor, and looked very pleased with his new wheels.

This is what a happy Beans looks like.
He's stoic and whatnot.

My 4 year old brain took over at that point and I proceeded to push him around the living room hollering 'wheeeeee!!' Animal abuse says you, but he was actually really enjoying it! He first bent down and looked out the front 'window' of the bus, and then lost his $#!t attacking the moving wheels.
To Mr.Beans' credit: he puts up with my overly affectionate and ridiculous behavior towards him very well. Exhibit A:

There was a viable, medically necessary reason for him to wear that tuxedo.
I swear.
(this time)

So I've gotten rid of the perma-cardboard box that used to live at his command post and replaced it with the bus. He'll still get the occasional box to play in, but the bus is a big visual improvement for the space. And it continues to be a source of entertainment for guests. Or just me on a Tuesday night.

$1 well spent!


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  1. He needs a drivers cap, without out it I can't take him seriously.