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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Hanging a Difficult Item

While hanging my tile wall piece, I had trouble getting that little guy on the bottom right to stay on the wall.

hey there little fella

He is actually slightly bigger than the other tiles and would not make sense (to me) to include in the big hanging. I liked the idea of displaying it nearby, but was having trouble doing so.
The edges of the tile slope in slightly, as the tile is ~3 inches deep and hollow. That, combined with the slick glazed back, meant it wouldn't sit securely on a nail. It was also going to be hung pretty close to the sofa, so could be easily knocked off by spirited guests (I would never do such a thing).

had failed to bring sexy back

I thought that it simply needed something to help it grip or hook onto the nail.
I had some weatherstripping sitting around, so used the adhesive side to attach a piece on the back of the tile.

there it is

It now hooks securely onto the nail in the wall.
I'm not sure if the end of the nail bites into the squooshy weatherstripping, or if the nail head is past the strip and thus prevented from sliding. Either way: its secure as a rock and friends-with-drinks proof.

I will definitely be using this technique wherever I need to sure up the hanging of an item.


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