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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Pretty Petite Pallet Plant ..... Thing

Sleeping out on the porch last night was glorious! The temps were in the high 60's/low 70's, and I did not get attacked by any manner of wildlife; bugs, overly affectionate cats, or otherwise.
When I woke up I let the monsters out with me, and noticed that Mr. Beans the curious did not have a spot on the plant stand upon which to sit and survey his kingdom.
My options were to move the plants onto the floor, ignore it and inevitably have him knock them over, or make alternate arrangements.  A couple of the pots had holes for hanging, but I did not want to put them straight on the wall because it is block, and a PAIN to drill into. I had one existing pre-drilled hole to work with, and a pile of (suprise suprise) pallet wood.

pile o stuff

I used some paint stirrers to bracket the pallet boards together, and added a sawtooth hanger on the back, since I had extra from the mirrors.


Taking into account the size of the plants in the pots, I awkwardly held up and guesstimated precisely measured where they would best hang, and added two sets of two screws to the front.

Using a hole in the wall that was already hard fought for made this little Saturday morning project niiiiice and easy. Thank goodness for previously expended efforts; all I had to do today was drive a screw in there.
Mounting hung on screw. Pots hung on mounting. Bing-Bang-Plants-on-the-Wall.

purdy petunias

Mr.Beans had lost interest in being on the porch by this time and cared not for his newly created spot on the plant bench. Oh well, it was a good little free n fast project anyway.

giant tomato plants. one little tomato.


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