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Monday, August 19, 2013

Indecisive Antique Door Lover - Seeking Creative Direction

Loves wood grain, disintegrating paint, and long walks through yard sales. Tired of the barn scene and looking for a sturdy companion. Turn offs: dry rot, reproductions, high prices.

It's no wonder I found my Bf in the real world and not through personals. But anyway.....

I got 99 problems; and an over abundance of affection for old weathered doors is one. Say that ten times fast. Or not. Whatevs.

I am prone to stalk Craigslist for old doors and run out during lunch when someone 'curb alerts' a beautifully distressed old door. Picture a wacky wavy inflatable arm flailing tube man. That is me.

Recently I'd grabbed an old door from the ReStore, with a sliding door project in mind.

Picture taken at ReStore and sent to my Momma for consultation.

Soon there after I picked up one of the aforementioned curb alert doors during a lunch break (there was a lot of arm waving).

There were several available,
but I had just enough self control and trunk space to grab only the prettiest one.

Both of the doors had lots of dirt, cobwebbs, and peeling paint.
I loved them.

This pic made the photog Bf proud:
oooh diagonals
oooh texture
oooh moooody

They each got a good scrubbing and thorough sanding.

The front porch is sanding central.
In an attempt to mitigate their certain dislike of me all my noise,
I always make sure to go downstairs and sweep up the layer of
sawdust from my long-suffering neighbor's porch floor.

As the sanding progressed, the texture and age of the doors only got more drool worthy. All the flakes and rough spots were gone, but the chipping pattern remained and the beauty of the wood grain came through.

One of the doors has more pronounced chipping.

The other one has beautiful dark wood grain worn at the high points and on each corner.
The pictures don't convey how pretty and charming it is.

I used 80 then 120 sanding pads on the sander, along with a sanding block around the edges.
When the doors stopped molting paint chips and everything was smooth, I applied several thin layers of poly-acrylic.

We work all night here at The Cabindo.

But now, other than taking pictures, I'm at a loss of what to do with them.

Artsy McFartsy

Sliding barn door at the end of the hallway to contain cats? (Original plan when I had just one)

Wall hanging? (clearly not this many!)

Headboard? (Though I like my existing bed frame. But I do have a spare chandelier like that.....)

Bench? (I can't bring myself to cut them up. We'll see how I feel the longer they sit around.)

Who knows. They are just too pretty to not share, even with an unknown destiny.


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