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Friday, November 8, 2013

Happy Birthday Home!

It's officially been one year of homeownership for me.
Wowzas! Time sure flies when you're spending money  cursing appliances  painting everything  craigslist hunting having FUN.

A quick list of things I've tackled in the past year, things in progress, and things to come:

Paint - living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom #1, bathroom #1, master bedroom, spare bedroom, front hall, front door, tile glazing.
Replace - dishwasher, stove.

Apparently the original dishwasher made me drink heavily and be wobbly.

Flooring - Redid main bathroom tile floor, remove carpet from porch (yuck)
Install - wainscoting, 3 sets of built in wall shelves, high heel storage, 2 sets of built in closet shelving
Refinish - 3 dressers, 1 bed, 1 entertainment center dresser, 2 tables, 2 shelves, 1 couch, 1 fan
Restore - 2 shelves, 1 trunk, 2 doors
Reupholster - 5 chairs
Build - kitchen island, plant stand, screen frames on porches, pallet table
Done - lots of little projects

storage boxes

Free/Cheap items - 2 trunks, 1 entertainment center, 1 big shelf, 2 dining room tables, 1 secretary-turned-bar, 1 wine rack, 3 dining room chairs, 3 couches (1 skinned), 2 love seats, 3 wooden arm chairs, 3 easy chairs (2 skinned), 2 ottomans, 2 lamps, 1 old science table, 1 sewing table, closet shelving, 1 big speaker, 1 cat tree, 1 side table, 2 lockers, 1 massage chair (later sold), 1 teachers desk (also sold), 1 first aid kit, several baskets/boxes/storage solutions, several canvases, and one dog (found and returned to owners).
Buy - too much (I'd like to thank Home Depot, Ikea, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, and TjMAXX for this honor)

In progress
Organizing - 2nd bedroom/office needs to get organized. Built in wall shelves/extending floating shelves need to be leveled so I can put things on them. Storage boxes have been obtained but need recovered or painted.
Flooring - There is a HUGE beige wool rug I picked up for free off craigslist draped across a training prop at the firehouse. It's been scrubbed, and is hopefully dry enough for me to retrieve. It had a LOT of stains on it, and looked pretty good when I was done scrubbing, but was dark, so I'll see how it looks. If it is splotchy still, I'll probably dye it.


A quilt - From a haul of free decorator fabric samples I picked up recently. Because I'm insane.
Christmas presents - Materials have arrived for a big batch of bath products I'll be making for presents this year. Made two AWFUL batches of bath bombs last night, but the third one came out much better after I ditched the essential oils. They are just too smelly for my taste.

Orange, Honey & Shea Butter Bath Bomb Squares

Speaker - Partial deconstruction has happened. Repair is commencing. The BF tested out the speaker part and found it to be really good, so the shelf idea has gone away and now it will be a speaker again after some fixes and and reconstruction.
Grandmother's Trunk - It has been stripped of the old moldy interior, scrubbed, and replacement sides made. The humpback lid has proved challenging so I have to figure out how to reupholster it successfully with just a little bit of fabric left.

Porches - Winterizing furniture and figuring out what plants to keep vs. live and let die. Floating shelves need to be built inside for those plants which get to stay. Screening needs redone on both porches since I discovered I did it ever so slightly, but importantly, really wrong. Booooo
Other winterizing - Assembling warm weather stuff to move to my storage unit: coolers, portable grill, plant items, saw horses that live in my coat closet so I can actually get to coats, etc.
Backsplash - Started ~8 months ago. Abandoned/forgotten about 7 months ago. I just need to get a couple small cuts around the outlets done and I can cross this one off. Easier said than done, clearly.
Walls - I still have wall projects half completed, mirrors, and framed items that need to find homes.
Cleaning - HA!

To do's
Seating updates - Making slipcovers for both love seats, dying the white couch cushion covers grey.
Walls - Walls in the 2nd bathroom need art'd up. Walls in my bedroom need worked on. Bedroom TV needs to get mounted.
Windows - Make galvanized pipe curtain rods for dining and bedroom. The cheap-o ORB painted curtain rods I put up a year ago to be able to change clothes have fulfilled their purpose but now crash down on occasion.

ala this pin

Furniture - Bed will probably get rotated in my room. Would like to build some under-bed storage and find a better home for the other furniture in there. Grandmother's antique sewing table needs refinished. Dining room table to be concrete-topped. Find a better home for a random but epically comfy mushroom chair chilling in a corner of my bedroom. Find a home for the new (to me) trunk and grandmother's old trunk.
Refinish - A small old fan, similar to one I've already done, is up on deck. One antique wooden side chair is also waiting for some love. An old filing cabinet compliments of my grandparents needs some restore a finish.
Random stuff - figuring out what to do with all the trunks, antique doors, pillows, etc. I'd also like to do a clothes purge because I never get rid of anything (even when it has every reason to go: stain/fit/falling apart), and my drawers runneth over.


So, just a couple of things on the lists, and I'm sure there's several things missing that will pop into my head at random times over the next week. Filling up gas? Perfect time to remember a random rug someone gave me. Eating lunch? Bam, there's a memory of refinishing a nightstand. And so on.

First thing I will be doing after work today though is having some girlfriends over. Hope they like breakfast for dinner; as the only things in my fridge are eggs, croissants, cheese, Oj, and fruit.
Oh and booze, you can't forget the booze.

Goooood boooy.


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