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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Recent Projects - from the Land Where Nothing Ever Gets Finished

As is pretty clear: new posts have been MIA lately.
I blame a lack of time, a bad habit of not finishing projects, and my constant failing to take some damn pictures of the things I do get done!
Below are a few of the projects I've been working on recently, in no particular order.
As I get my $h!+ together and finish them up, I'll post a rundown on each.

  • Mounted my TV on the wall.
  • - Getting rid of the massive entertainment center and putting the tv up on the wall has totally changed the living room.

Makes my living room hotel-sexy.

  • Worked on screening in the back porches.
  • - Started on this in the spring, and when it got hot outside I got lazy. 
    - Came back to it his week and discovered a roadblock I'll have to overcome with a bit of rework. But, progress is being made.

Patio progress. Catio creation.

  • Reupholstered 3 old office chairs for use in the dining room.
  • - Related pattern (chevrons) and color (pinks!).

$5 each, and now all sassy.

- And made a bunch of coordinating pillows.

Modeled by the glamour-puss.

  • Customized and hung a new dining room light.
  • - Changed my original plan from this post, but the result is close.

Real pictures to follow.

This was an exercise in patience and high # sandpaper.
I cant' wait to be finished and show you more. It's crazy gorgeous.

  • Picked up a couch and two chairs from Craigslist and skinned them for their leather.
  • - Then washed and conditioned the heck out of it.
    - Then made a purse out of said leather.

Lots of oiling. And shooing away cats who wanted to lick up ze oil.

  • Received a used OTR microwave from the BF's parents to replace my broken one.
  • - Pictured below is die kaputt maschine. Mounting is in progress for the new-to-me zapper.

Best looking appliance when I moved in: only one that totally didn't work.
'Best' being SUPER relative.

  • Mounted my grandfather's antique tools.
  • - For display and ease of use.
    - Progress has gone at the same (snail's) pace as setting up the office/second bedroom.

Aaah. Love, love, love this project.
More to come!

  • Relined an antique humpback trunk from my grandmother.
  • - Removed the old lining and blitz cleaned 40 years of dried mold. During which; the house smelled kind of good, in a granny's-basement sort of way.

Creative fabric manipulation 101.

  • Played florist and created all the flowers for a friend's event.
  • - Tons of happy flowers to honor the passing of her beloved aunt.

10 arrangements, 2 Xl altar pieces, and a 24' broken heart.

  • Found and shined up some old silver pieces.
  • - Sunday afternoon thrift store browsing.
    $20 in my pocket got me both of these AND a bangin smoothie. #winning

A good deal + a little elbow grease = not-so-shabby chic accent pieces.

  • Turned a retired firefighter coat into a throw pillow cover.
  • Will be a wedding present for a fellow firefighter, made from his old coat.

The most ridiculously complicated 'easy' project ever.

  • Made a fuse box cover.
  • - Out of leftover paint chips from picking my wall colors.

For an ugly eye-level fuse box.

  • And spent some quality time with my favorite furry guy.
  • - Like all good animals, anytime his person is on the floor for more than 10 seconds(dining room chair upholstering, in this case); it means PLAYTIME NOW.

He managed to get himself stuck in a bag handle and dealt with it by flopping over and looking cute.
Good call, actually.

One of these days I will find the missing hardware, cut the last piece, install the whatever, take a picture, or write a post about each of these projects. In the meantime, they are already improving The Cabindo, half-finished states and all. 

At the end of a recent post, John from Young House Love touched on being content with a home in-progress. I'm accepting that more and more, and it helps that most of my big projects are to the point that I don't have multiple construction zones 24/7. Home feels like home when I get there, rather than a to-do list. Theres still plenty to tackle, but I'll get there eventually.
My wallet surely appreciates the lul. Though it feels too long since I've last seen my buddy Mary at the Home Depot paint counter.....


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