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Wednesday, September 11, 2013


I struggled with what to write. 

I wasn't planning on writing a September 11th post, but it's really been affecting me today. Watching the eyewitness accounts from firefighters and 9/11 footage being shown tonight is overwhelming. 
The sounds of the PASS alarms from motionless firefighters in the background of all the videos are heartwrenching.
I'm a firefighter and feel strongly those bonds and the shared sorrow of 9/11.
Had I been there, I hope I would have been strong enough to do my duty and climb into the towers.

The horror and fear of being in New York that day is unimaginable.
I wasn't there. I was a senior in high school a couple miles outside of DC, home sick from school. My mom called home in a panic and told me what was going on soon after the Pentagon was hit. Not knowing what to do, I went to school. Driving down Rt.66 on my way there; I saw fighter jets screaming by overhead, following the road straight towards downtown to provide air cover. I felt numb watching the towers fall.  

2,977 people were killed on 9/11. 
343 firefighters among them.
As is said in the fire service: 'Rest easy brothers. We've got it from here.'

I can only hope to live up to their selflessness and service.

Life is too short. Go tell someone you love them.

- Lindsay

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