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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Pillow Talk

My Bf threw out his back  last weekend, so I ran into to Bed Bath & Beyond to grab him a heating pad, an ice pack, and some goodies while his non-mobile self waited in an 'almost comfortable' position in the car.
I told him I would be quick.
Uhhh.......about that: I should have known better.
No trip to BB&B sticks to the list. It's unpossible.

My intentions were good, but the '$4.99 & Under' pillow bin was better
I may have definitely went a little pillow crazy.

Mostly neutral colors with interesting texture, embroidery, or accents that go well with the furniture and fabrics already in my house.

11 pillows for about $45, when most of them were in the $30/$40 dollar range each at full retail price. Not too shabby!
Fill types:
5 are down-filled, the rest are cotton
4 are silk, 3 felted wool, 1 chartreuse sweater-knit, 2 cotton, and 1 HAS SPARKLES!!

Captn. Sparkles has already received a kidnap threat. But you just go ahead and try Michelle; I will take you down like a cheetah on an antelope. Except with way more shrieking, wheezing, and jiggling from both of us. Somebody might loose a shoe or an earing. Who knows, it could get crazy. Moral of the story: not worth it.

Idle treats aside; 'That's an unreasonable amount of pillows!' you might say, especially since I already have a handful of pillows
Don't you love how lush and inviting a seating area or bed full of pillows looks? Well I know I do. 


I've got a lot of seating both inside and out on the patios that can use some pillow-licious comfort:
1 couch, 1 rocking chair, 2 side chairs
1 couch, 1 chair & a-half, 3 comfy chairs, 1 settee, and 1 big queen bed.

So comfortable and REM-inducing, I miss it when I don't sleep there.
It could use some flair to make it as pretty as it is comfy.

With all the available spots, I'm sure the new pillows will quickly find happy homes.

I'm happy that the Bf's didn't/couldn't turn around to see me loading 2 big BB&B bags o' pillows into the trunk. My excuse for the delay was long lines.....sorry hun; pillows' out of the bag now. (bazinga)



  1. Hah! Yeah I had kind of figured you ran into "something" :)

    1. there really was a long line too though...... ;)