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Thursday, October 24, 2013

He fits. He sits.

Someone dropped off a basket of cookies at the station the other day. We all enjoyed the cookies, and I snagged the woven wood basket.

Like this, but with less flowers and more handle.

It's nothing fancy, but I thought it would be a cute fall piece, and that Mr.Beans would like sitting in it. True to form, ~2 seconds after it walked in the door; he checked for fit. Spoiler: good fit, he sits.

I had to wake up much earlier than normal for work today, and Beans was NOT pleased. He loves sleeping in (after hopping back in bed from an early morning jaunt to the kitchen for breakfast).

The 'not getting out of bed' face

Mr.Beans is a sleepy guy in general:

sheepskin on the porch couch?
loves it

new chair?
quality assurance testing in full swing

fluffy blanket snuggles?
all in

mom just got back from out of town?
insta dog cat pile
that happy little smooshed face.....adorable

So this morning when I had to be up early, he begrudgingly crawled out of bed and redeposited himself in the new basket over where I was getting stuff together in the front hall:

eyes. don't. want. to. open.

 Navy thought I was crouching down to hand out treats and ran over to get some. Always the optimist.

No treats, just picture taking.
Thanks for the photobomb.

I'm glad Beans looks comfy in the basket, another recent fits-n-sits attempt seemed a little too snug:

next size up, please

Oh Mr.Beans, you are a silly guy.


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  1. I love Beans's face in the last picture! -mt