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Monday, June 24, 2013

Monday, Monday

Mornings are not my thing.

My alarm this morning went off at 4am to switch units at the station, then again at 6am to pack it up and go home. Both buzzings were a bit unwelcome, but once I drag my butt out of bed, Monday mornings have become a favorite part of my week. 6am is early enough to miss the traffic, the air is still cool, and it gives me a chance to run errands, (both home depot and my local grocery store are open that early) and pick up the house before the week really starts. A stolen hour or two where I don't have to get anything done, so everything is bonus points.

Today, I took some time to sit and enjoy the morning on Porch Couch with a cup of tea and some delicious Jordanian honey a worldly friend gave me.

herb trimmings to share at work

There's a mama bird who has a made a little cocoon nest in an empty wall planter. I think she is a Carolina Wren and has four little tan eggs. She does not seem to mind me being around, but happened to fly in when the cats were out this morning. One took interest, but I grabbed her (the cat) before she could move. I like my bird-mama and had a minor heart attack, so lesson learned: morning time is for the birds....no cats allowed.

who? me?


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