(n.) Cabindo: A condo on a lake, among tall old trees. Half cabin, half condo. My first home. This is a running journal of the renovations, projects, and general shoestring budget craziness.

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Out of the gates, err boxes

First post! woohoo!

After months of trying to explain what and how I've done things, and searching through waaaay too many pictures to find a corresponding image; a blog seems like a logical way to group and share information. Not to mention all the friends, family, and even my boss telling me to do so. The fact that I pretty much narrate every project to myself as I'm doing it could also be a good reason.... but bear with me as I try to translate all that crazy into written form.

Since the people reading this will pretty much know me anyway, I don't need any backstory, so I'm just going to jump into posting whats going on, and what has already happened over the last 7 months of owning and updating The Cabindo. There still might be boxes in closets here and there, but I've made ALOT of progress so far.

oh. and there will be cats involved.


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